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As the temperatures start to rise, the inside of your vehicle starts to get hot. Stop by Car Emporium for a complete air conditioning service. Start with a performance check to see how things are running. If our certified technicians come across any issues, we can do all your repairs and recharges right on the spot. Don't suffer through the heat any longer.

Stay comfortable in any temperature

Trust in 30 years of experience from our family owned and operated business to treat you right. Serving you in Orange County since 1984.


- O-rings, seals and hoses

- Compressors and compressor clutches

- Evaporators and condensers

- Driers, receivers, accumulators

- Switches, controls, modules, relays

- Blower motors and resistors

Let us fix your A / C problems:

Sometimes all that is needed to get your air conditioning unit operating properly again is a recharge of the system. We can remove all of the old Freon and recharge it with new.  

Then our highly trained mechanics will ensure your pressure and temperature control are working properly, and you will be on your way. Make sure that you are ready for the blasting summer heat. Explore our hot savings to save even more money.

Do you need a recharge?

When you should come

and see us:

- Hot air blowing out of the A/C

- Lack of pressure when the air

  blows out

- Failure to blow air at all

- Visually inspects all A / C components

- Performance test

- System state of charge test

- System control test

- Leak test using an approved electronic leak detector

What's included with your performance check

Know about the Freon in your air conditioner

The Freon in your air conditioner is necessary to keep your system running efficiently. This cycles through your liquid and gas phases and regulates the temperature in your car. R-12 Freon was once used in vehicles until it was discovered that it was bad for the environment. After 1994, your vehicle should automatically contain R-134a Freon. If your vehicle is older than a 1994, bring it to us to have the Freon replaced.

Avoid air conditioning problems with regular maintenance services.

The compressor consumes low pressure Freon and turns that into a high pressure gas. This is then pumped into the air conditioning radiator where it is converted into a liquid. This gas dispels latent heat. The Freon liquid then goes through a valve where it loses pressure and boils as it goes through the evaporator. Finally, the Freon turns back into a gas in the compressor where pressure increases and then is expelled as cold air.

Understand how your system works

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Get your repairs and recharges right on the spot!