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If you are suspicious and would be interested in a brake inspection, bring your vehicle to Car Emporium so we can take a closer look for your peace of mind. Failing brakes is something that you can easily get repaired and potentially prevent serious problems by doing so. Trust in our certified mechanics to look over your entire system and give you honest answers on what needs to be fixed.

Are your brakes starting to screech?

Get a WARRANTY with all of your brake services. We strive to provide you with 100% satisfaction no matter what you come to see us for. This is your one-stop shop.

- Anti-lock diagnostics

- Fluid exchange

- Diagnosis and repair

- Emergency brake

- Hose and line replacement

Our brake services include the following:

If your brakes feel out of alignment and it's hard to stop, you have a light on your dashboard come on, or you hear grinding when applying pressure, make an appointment with us as soon as possible. Along with the services listed above, we can also assist you with pads, lining, rotor replacements, hydraulic problems, power boosters, chemical brake fluid, rear drums and shoes, machine lathe, traction control, and more.

- Bleed, fill, and adjust brakes

- Caliper reconditioning and replacement

- Wheel cylinder replacement

- New master cylinders

- Brake line repair and replacement

- New brake hoses

- ABS diagnosis and repair

- Parking brake service and repair

When is it time to check your brakes?

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